I have been a specialist in hair extensions for over 20 years and it still gives me great joy to see the transformation when adding hair extensions to my clients hair. Whether my clients want a few extensions to add volume or go for extra length I always make sure it looks natural. In my view, there’s nothing worse than seeing someone with hair extensions popping out the side of there head or someone with there own short hair wearing extra long hair extensions which have not been blended in peoperly. 

These days the choice is endless when it comes to the different types of hair extension systems. So many salons and mobile hair stylists offer different types of hair such as Indian Remy, Brazilian, Chinese, Asian, Russian, European and even Mongolian!

Micro-bonds, weaving, knotting, mini strands, cold fusion, hot fusion, glue, keratin, m-folds, tape, Flipinhair, clip in hair and on and on it goes…………

How do you really know what system to use, what type of hair to go for, what products to use or even what salon to go to. It’s all so confusing!

Then you have the worry of getting hair loss, hair breakage or hair damage or if the hair your wearing is actually the hair they have told you it is.

The truth is to get great looking hair extensions you have to choose the best salon or mobile hair stylist who has a good reputation and experience in application and cutting hair extensions. They should be able to offer different extension systems and not just one method as it may not suit your hair and life style. They must also be experienced and skilled in cutting and blending in the hair extensions.

Putting in the wrong type of hair extension could damage you hair in the short or long run. It may not be suitable for your hair texture.  Applying them to the wrong parts of the head can also cause breakage.

When I do a consultation on all my clients I take everything into consideration.

  • Is the hair in good enough condition to hold hair extensions
  • What texture extension hair would suit your own hair the best
  • Which method most suits your hair and life style
  • Where to place the extensions
  • What after care products are best to help you maintain and style your hair extensions

I’m also happy to give free consultations and even add a few extensions to try out. 

To book you free consultation please call us on 020 7722 1225 or email us your questions and send images to:








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