It now looks like we’ll have to wait until July until we open our new salon! We know most of you are desperate to have you hair done.
In the mean time we are offering a hair colour delivery service to all our clients who live locally. We can deliver your hair colour already mixed in a bowl with gloves and a brush included. There will only be enough colour for your hair line and parting or T-section.

This is the easiest way for you to apply your own colour without overlapping in those areas of your hair that you can’t see thus risking ruining the lovely hair colour you already have!

The colour must be applied within 30 MINUTES of mixing it at the salon. Please call or email me with any questions and let me know what stylist/colourist does your hair colour and we’ll get cracking.

Just to let you know there will be a charge of £45 which can be paid by BACS transfer on the day.

Whattsapp me on 07961 411 522.

Brazilian hair straightening treatments from the Joshua Altback salon