Micro Bond Hair Extensions - Blonde - Before
Micro Bond Hair Extensions - Blonde - After
Micro Bond Hair Extensions - Brunette - Before
Micro Bond Hair Extensions - Brunette - After

Specialists in Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Clients have been coming to the Joshua Altback hair and beauty salon for their hair extensions for over 20 years and the reason why is simple, our specialist hair technicians offer some of the best services in London!

By using top of the range equipment, products and techniques we can offer micro bonded hair extensions that cause no damage to your hair, look great and natural and will last for a reasonable amount of time. Just a few of the benefits of these types of extensions:

  • Unique application technique completely removes the need for harsh and potentially damaging chemicals.
  • The light weight and small extensions partnered with a gradual, strand-by-strand application means that you will experience no strain on the scalp and remain comfortable.
  • No glue, heat or sewing application needed.
  • Beautiful, natural look.
  • Durable and long lasting (hair can even be washed and styled!).