December 28, 2020

Brazilian Keratin, Hair straightening & Hair Botox Treatment experts. Why are we the best?

by Joshua Altback

Hair Straightening  

Brazilian Keratin & Hair BOTOX treatment specialists London

Are you thinking about doing a Brazilian Keratin Treatment? Otherwise known as a Brazilian Blow Dry, Keratin Smoothing, Brazilian Hair Straightening or Hair BOTOX.

We started this popular hair treatment in our London salon over 15 years ago. Originally developed in Brazil, hence the name “Brazilian Keratin Treatments”

. The products we used were imported from Brazil and became extremely popular amongst clients who had frizzy, unruly, unmanageable hair. It was also used as an alternative to Afro hair relaxing treatments.

Originally developed they used keratin mixed with other complex chemical ingredients including 0.2% formaldehyde which sealed and smoothed out the cuticle without permanently changing the hair bonds like the past hair relaxers or perms did.

This was a ground breaking new hair service that revolutionized the hair Industry.

Unfortunately most keratin products that had formaldehyde in them were banned from many countries and to toxic to be used regularly in salons without air flow or extractor fans.

Over the years we have tried and tested most hair smoothing products in our quest to find the best overall treatment for our clients. This also included finding treatments without formaldehyde and any derivatives.

As a salon owner, hairdresser and artist I believe that attention to detail is everything. That’s why we use a selection of different brands and products giving our clients the ultimate choice in treatments and results they are looking for.

It doesn’t just stop there! We train our stylists to be specialists in application and hair textures. The results we achieve comes from years of experience and knowledge in all our products and seeing the end results on different textured hair types.

We know that everyone has different hair textures and a history of other chemical services they’ve had previously that may have effected the hair in many ways including colour damage and heat damage.

We look at the hair texture, the porosity, elasticity and history of the hair before we decide which product is best to use and then we decide how to apply the product, how long to leave it on for, how much to rinse off, what Iron temperature to use on the roots, mid lengths and ends and how many time to go over each section. Even the size of the section we take is important for the results.

We also don’t skimp on cheap products. The cheaper branded products use less quality ingredients and more harsh chemicals that may achieve similar results but can leave your hair feeling greasy, dry and not last anywhere near as long. They can also produce a barrier around the outside of the hair which can permanently leave a residue and change the structure of the bonds stopping the natural hair from growing normally and preventing other chemical services such as colour to work properly.

We can guarantee even the most straightest results on the thickest, curliest or Afro hair textures. But this takes time! That’s why it’s important to book the right time slots for different textured hair. Each application and depending on the texture and amount of hair is priced differently which includes the amount of time we need to do it.

We may be a little more expensive than other salons but our results speak for themselves!

Check out our instagram feed to see some of our before and after images and videos.

To book please call us on 020 7722 1225 or email us with an image of your hair and any questions.

Brazlian Hair Straightening - Before and After
About the author:
Joshua has been supplying hair care and beauty treatments to happy clients all over the country for over 25 years. Through Joshua's hard work and determination, the Joshua Altback salon is known today as one of the UK's leading salons for hair extensions and is a go to location for those looking for the best hair cutting, styling and colouring services.